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The Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (“Bureau”) has been delegated authority by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance to serve as the Administrator of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation insurance Plan (“Plan”). The Plan provides the means for an employer to satisfy the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Law if they are unable to purchase such insurance through normal channels. Although it does not write workers’ compensation insurance or actually issue policies, the Plan is the vehicle for distributing applications for insurance from such employers among member insurers of the Bureau.

OAR is the exclusive, online platform through which employers can apply for coverage administered by the Plan.
How to apply for New Assigned Risk Plan coverage online:  
1 Register to use the Online Assigned Risk (OAR) website.
2 Create a new application. Complete all sections.
3 Submit the application. The Bureau will review the application.
4 Receive email notification. The Bureau will send email requesting payment.
5 Make payment. Electronic payment made electronic check is required within two business days.
6 Receive confirmation email: Coverage will become effective 12:01 am the day after the application was submitted or at 12:01 am on the future date requested.




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